We’re teaming up with 105.5 The Colorado Sound to present the fifth year of the 53:14 Music Video Experiment!

The 53:14 Music Video Experiment gives filmmakers and musicians a limited window (53 hours and 14 minutes) to conceive, shoot, edit and delivery an original music video. Similar to a 48 Hour Film Festival, this experiment comes with a catch. Filmmakers and musicians won’t know who they are working with until Kickoff on August 12, 2022. During that event, filmmaker teams and bands/musicians will be randomly paired up and sent off to create their original music video in just over 2 days.

To help with this project, we’re providing each team with a budget of $1000 to use for whatever you need to bring your vision to life. The videos will then premiere at the outdoor screen at The Lyric during a special event on September 2, 2022. Videos will then receive additional distribution opportunities through 105.5 The Colorado Sound and other partners we are lining up!

The 53:14 is made possible thanks to support from 105.5 The Colorado Sound, The Bohemian Foundation and Dellenbach Subaru.

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